1. What is a cosmetic tattoo?

It is the process of implantation of liquid colour into your skin using a pen-like machine. It is a tattoo. The most popular procedures at Beauty Enhancement are eyeline, lipline, and eyebrows.

2. Why is the term long-lasting used?

The implanted colour tends to fade or migrate our of the skin due to a variety of factors. These include climate, sunlight exposure, chemical peels, skin type and medications. Always apply sunblock to your tattooed area.

3. How is the pigment implanted?

A small, pen-like machine is used. The machine tip is dipped into the pigment, then inserted into the dermal layer of the skin. The depth of penetration is shallow.

4. What are the risks?

Any skin penetration procedure carries a risk of infection, contamination or complication. Sharon is a Registered Nurse. Her medical knowledge, combined with her training at the Australian Institute of Permanent Makeup, ensures that hygiene standards are high. Most of the equipment used is sterile and disposable. The Clinic is council approved. Sharon holds a skin penetration licence.

5. Does the procedure hurt?

Some discomfort is felt during the treatment. Topical anaesthetics are used. Clients may take their own analgesia or anti-histamine prior to treatment.

6.What are the after-effects of the tattoo?

There may be slight swelling and/or bleeding. Herpes/coldsore flare-up can occur. You will be given an after-care sheet describing care procedures to follow.

7. Do I require a touch-up treatment?

NO:   If your colour holds and you are satisfied with the result, no further treatment is required.

YES: If you lose colour following the initial treatment, or if you wish to alter the colour or shape, you may return after 4 weeks of the initial treatment.

YES: When the tattoo fades or you wish to re-intensify the colour after a few years.

8. What colour range is offered?

Clients are encouraged to bring their regular eyebrow or lip pencils to the consultation.  Sharon can blend colours similar to the pencil, or give ideas on colours that would suit.   Eyeline is tattooed in black.

9. What is the age range?

Sharon has tattooed eyebrows on a 96 year old lady, and an 18 year old girl who had alopecia and felt self-conscious. Cosmetic tattoo is not just a ‘vanity’ treatment—it enhances self-esteem for women of any age.

10. Will medication affect the treatment?

All clients are given a medical form to complete.  Conditions at risk are diabetics (they have a higher risk of infection or hypoglycemic attack during the procedure)

Medications such as anticoagulants (blood thinners), gold, tranquilizers, antibiotics and hormone replacement therapy all need to be discussed with Sharon.

Chemical peel treatments, Retin-A cream all need to be stopped 3 weeks prior to the tattoo treatment.

11. What if I have blue eyebrows, orange eyebrows or purple eyebrows?  

Sharon can use a correction colour on older tattoos and re-colour to the natural browns and taupes. This can be a process of several treatments to camouflage the previous colours. Sharon uses pigments that are stable and will fade in time but not turn blue.