Tattooed eyebrows are a MUST:

  • For active or sporty people who sweat away their makeup.
  • You can throw away your eyebrow pencils.   
  • For people who have an unsteady hand or who are unable to draw even brows.
  • Ideal for Parkinson’s Disease sufferers, arthritic and the physically handicapped.
  • For women who want a more glamorous shaped brow,consider tattooing.
  •  Tattooed eyebrows can significantly boost your self-confidence.
  • Colours used range from light brown, honey-brown. Taupe, chestnut to dark brown.


An ideal procedure:

  • If you wear contact lenses or glasses.
  • For women sensitive to make-up.
  • To open and define the eye.
  • Topical anaestetic eyedrops and gel alleviate discomfort during the procedure.

Allow two hours for this procedure.

This procedure is unsuitable for people suffering glaucoma, and other eye conditions.


  • You can have lipline that won't wash off.
  • Asymmetrical lips can be corrected and a perfect line achieved.
  • Colour range from browns, corals, pinks to reds.

Tattoo Correction

If you have uneven or sparsebrows, alopecia, scaring, post-chemotherapy, tattooed eyebrows are beneficial for you. 

Clients present to Sharon's clinic with blue, purple or orange eyebrows, using a correction fluid and natural brown colours, eyebrows can be corrected to achieve a natural look.

Correction work requires several treatments to achieve the desired look.


  • Scars can be re-pigmented with colour.
  • Vitiligo patches can be re-coloured.
  • Breast areola can be re-created following breast reconstruction.