"Hi ,my name is Allaurie Laing having worked in the public sector for a long time, my line of work involved me seeing and greeting people ,not only did I need to look my best I also needed to feel good about myself.

Not having the time day after day to make my self look beautiful (to which some people like me have trouble doing ), I was told about Sharon Hoysted’s Beauty Enhancement.    At first I was skeptical (hearing stories of bad cosmetic tattooing).   Having the pleasure of meeting and being treated by Sharon, I can say with great delight that I can recommend Sharon to anybody who needs cosmetic tattooing; not only that, but her body piercing is also very good.

Sharon uses sterile equipment and she makes you feel safe and comfortable (which to me is a big plus in my book).

For what its worth, in my opinion, I can recommend Sharon to anyone who needs this service as I'm quiet happy with my own results."

Allaurie Laing
East Maitland

P.S. She is a very nice person as well.


"I suffered with Bell’s Palsy and lost an eyebrow as a child, from a burn. Sharon tattooed my eyebrows and corrected my uneven lipline.

I am active and walk every day—having tattooed eyebrows and lips makes me feel confident.

My eyebrows look natural, and people don‘t realize that they are tattooed.

I am very happy with the care and attention Sharon has shown me, I am glad I found someone with her expertise to provide the help I needed."

Barbara Hadden


"My appearance was a disaster, I eyebrows were out of shape, I was finding it hard to apply a nice eyeline and having suffered lots of cold soars I had no lip line. I looked and felt very drab.
I saw Sharon's advertisement in the local paper and made an appointment to see her, to see if she could do something about my appearance.
I was very nervous about having a cosmetic tattoo but Sharon put me completely at ease with her professionalism and gentle manner, she explained the procedure and helped me choose the right colour, without being pushy or in a hurry.
I had my lips line, eyebrows and eyeliner done, I felt and looked fantastic, it boosted my self esteem and confidence, I look like I have a permanent makeover! I no longer pluck my eyebrows but shave them, and my eyebrow line always looks perfect. I really use eye makeup, just a little mascara and I use lip gloss only.
I have recommended Sharon to my friends and they are all very happy with her workmanship."